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Smart Look Photography had the opportunity to attend and photograph the Mother's of Hope 3rd year anniversary dinner on 8/10/12 featuring Shirley Murdock at Restoration Place in Tallahassee, Florida. Natasha Edwards, founder of Mother's of Hope, worked very hard towards the vision that God gave her to have Gospel and R&B recording artist Shirley Murdock attend their anniversary.

These volunteers were treated to a special seafood meal complete with fish and shrimp along with a solo from one of their own members. Shirley Murdock took pictures and signed CD's for the volunteers and performed in concert the next day at Restoration Place.

Mother's of Hope was founded on 7/11/09 in Tallahassee, Florida. Their mission is to promote womanhood and restore spiritual unity. Smart Look Photography congratulates this organization on their anniversary and commends them on their positive presence in the community.
Natasha Edwards, Founder of Mother's of Hope with Gospel and R&B artist Shirley Murdock

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